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more Les Amis stuff...sorry to bore ya

Ok, let's run this down one more time.... :)

If you want BOTH tapes, then email both Tara DC and me and then snail 
mail us. (The tapes I am referring to are the Les Amis Du Sloan tapes, 
which will be two volumes of sloan net and non sloan net bands 
covering....sloan songs)

tara da costa ---->  bi692\!/freenet.carleton.ca
1501 Roberval Avenue
Orleans, ON
K4A 2C4

send her $6.

send me $6.
I will be available at this address this summmer...(it's different from 
my old one, so pay attention... ;) )

Tara Wittchen 
attention: Les Amis Du Sloan (or something that will indicate it's 
related to this project)
2444-44 Street S.E.
Calgary, AB
T2B 1J6

If you only want one (why would you only want one?? :) )
then email whoever you want and send that person $6. Sorry to make this 
confusing. One more time...send tara dc $6 *and* send me $6 to get both 
volumes. Thank you. Please avoid sending one of us $12. We each have 
expenses to cover.

Thanks to everybody who has emailed us already, especially those of you 
who have included words of encouragement. It means a lot. :) You're the 
ones we're doing this for. :) :)

tara the one who is in calgary now but will be in halifax in....three and 
a half weeks!!!!!