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um, the zedd/spine thing on much east isn't 
this sunday, it's the 23rd or the 30th or 
maybe both or who the hell knows.  there 
might be a spine feature plus a zedd feature 
or just a single spine-zedd thing.  

we'll see.  i'll let you know in advance.

hfx readers take note:  the spine single 
is available locally now at dischord and
also at sam's barrington.

last night's spine "black greasy five eye"
single release party at birdland was a barrel 
of fun.  i don't want to review it 'cause i 
think i should leave that up to someone who 
doesn't have money invested in the band.  :-)
let me just say, though, that i love their
new songs and i think that gig was one of
their best ever.  

instead of reviewing the gig, let me 
gossip a bit...   i was really interested
to see who would show up.  i realize that
spine are sort of a marginal band on the
indie scene, rather too heavy for the "pop"
crowd.  but spotted in attendance:  
patrick pentland, colin mackenzie, angie
fenwick, cliff gibb, rob benvie, chek luv 
shakil, and out on the dance floor hooting
and hollering was lukas pearse along with
the other two members of rebecca west:
allison outhit and dale hussey.  it's so
cool that rebecca west are hip to what we
are doing with spine 'cause they are (well,
next to coyote, maybe) the rockingest band
currently working with cinnamon toast.
and at least two members of cinnamon toast
bought copies.  halifax is definitely still
a supportive scene.  anyways, there was 
a good crowd out and everyone had a good
time, especially after lukas brought out
these big capital letters and stood them
on the edge of the stage:  S S E L I O V E A
everyone on the dance floor took turns 
making anagrams:  LOVE, EVIL, O EVIL, O VILE,
OIL SAVES.  my favorite was when someone took
the L and V and turn them upside down together
to make an N and spelled out NOISE.  it was
a good game.  :-)

you really should have seen the song where
jason (spine guitarist) played *both* guitar
and bass, trevor (drummer) sang (screamed)
and david (bass/vocalist) strolled around
tapping a drum machine.  bizarre.


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