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Is Mr(s) Clark asking if Ashley is gay??
If that's the question, the answer would be YES
He(Ashley) asked one of my freind's(From CB) brother on a date,
only do discouver that the brother was not gay, 
embarrassing I would think for both parties.

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OK, so he didn't do such a hot set on the Yeast Coast Mucus Awards show on
the Corpse tonight (two left feet, anyone?), but could
prodigy/stud/hero/icon Ashley MacIsaac be *any* *more* *out*? I mean, a
RAINBOW-FLAG BASEBALL KAP, for heaven's sake! (Not to mention the red
ribbons he and the band wore, but those have virtually no significance

He's what, 20? so he's in the prime of his youth, and having been not all
that happy at age 20 in the Maritimes myself, if Ashley's musical talent
not only gets him noticed, offers artistique fulfilment, etc., but gives
him the confidence and the money to be out and free, then hey, he must be
having the time of his life-- and things can only go up. Good on ye, I say.

And even though I am a big anti-meat, anti-leather queen (are his
fiddlestrings katgut?), I must say Ashley looked not unmagnetic in his
thigh-length leather overcoat. One wonders how he would look *out* of it.
(Loved the stubble, too.)

I suppose it would be uncouth to ask him out on a date, or at least
unethical, since I plan to write about him eventually. Can't mix business
and pleasure, etc.

                                        Joe Clark