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chris is outta his tree

RE: Chris's Halifax bands family tree

With just a quick scan of the tree I noticed not only did he
leave some important bands out, he has got some of the
information wrong. For instance, nobody from system overload was
ever in moral support. Uhmmm, if the bands are suppost to be
listed in cronological order (that is, older bands at the top)
then this is inaccurate on many accounts as well. For instance,
Ridge of tears are down too low and Spent are too high up, etc.
	I should take another look at it, cause I'm sure there are
lots of other things wrong that I know about. However maybe this
is not interesting to anyone else. I'm glad that someone did post
this. There is alot of good accurate information in this tree as
well, which I either didn't know about or am forgetting.


Todd (hfx music history freak)