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art schol (fwd)

Hey everyone....

This has NO sloan content, with the exception of the fact that members of 
many East Coast bands once attended/still attend NASCAD. It's a letter 
written to me from my best girlie girl from high school. She's living in 
Japan and is thinking about applying to NASCAD...here is the essay she 
had to write... OH yeah, if some letters are missing it's cause she's on 
a different system and bla bla bla...well, *I* got a kick out of it. :) :)

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Subject: art schol

Anyone want to see the essay I wrote ffor my application to the Nova 
Scotia College of Art? Tey specified only "more than one paragraph." 
WELCOME to art school.
I have always wanted to art. To art has been a goal of mine since I was 
small. I arted with things that I found around the house: my father's 
bongo drums, the walls, broken glass, the cat. Often my arting caused 
problems within the family.
When I was old enough, I art with friends of mine in more socially 
acceptable ways. I arted T-shirts, photos, and paintings. I arted publicly in 
several exhibitions. Occasionally I got some arting money for it.
Currently I am not doing any public arting. I live in Japan and am teaching 
English. Occasionally I make stick drawings on the board to to illustrate 
grammar points. I art only in the privacy of my own home. Arting is not 
considered an appropriate activity for teachers in Japan. 
As my contract in Japan comes to an end, I have been pondering my 
choices. I have decided that I would like to art in an environment 
structured around arting. I have arted mostly alone, so my formal 
understanding is limited. I want to expand my understanding of media 
and explore new methods and processes. As a graduate of  Women's 
Studies I am interested in art as a potentially activist pursuit, as well as a
means of self-expression. I want to attend the Nova Scotia College of Art to 
expand my knowledge and to immerse myself in a community of people 
who are interested in doing the same.
There it is. Too goofy? I dunno. I'll think about it. One of the other parts o
f the application (where you have to do drawings to send them):
Draw, from life, not a photo, a picture of one of the following:
a. your own face
b. a cross section of a cabbage or cauliflower.
How am I supposed to take THAT?!

Hee hee....and if anyone thinks this was a waste of space, take your 
complaints to James  "and then I punched him in the face" Covey, 
*beloved* listmanagerboy, and ask him to have me physically removed from 
sloan net. :)

LOVE (and I mean it)
Tara ----> the *silly* one