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A couple of people have asked about the various lineups so I'm going to try 
to do this from memory...so correct (or ignore) me if you want to...:)

 circa 1989 the band consisted of john wesley chisholm (guitar&vocals),chip 
sutherland (drums),phil sedore(guitar&vocal) &tracy stevens(bass)...during 
the recording of the 1st lp "cemetaries" (an indep release 1990? which I 
think is no longer available) tracy left & was replaced by bruce worrall...

 in early 1990, after the breakup of kearney lake rd, chris murphy replaced 
bruce on bass (sometime during the summer) & "we the living" was 
recorded, it was distributed by mca at 1 time but now I don't know...sloan 
began in early 91 & chris remained with blackpool til only later that yr...

 "the seahorse" was released in 92 on Ground Swell...only jwc remained 
fr the original black pool...new band members were matt murphy(guitar),dave 
marsh(drums),tim brennan(bass),catherine mckinnon(violin)....the 1995 
lineup features lukas pearse(bass),benn ross(drums),phil sedore(keyboards 
sometimes),jwc & maybe someone else....they've recorded & new material 
should be out shortly...

the sloan issue of the coast fr last summer has a really great band family 
tree b/c bands in hfx (like anywhere else i guess) tend to trade members 
pretty frequently...........
 hope this helps/bores the heck out of you all :)..................kat

PS re gossip mongering loser ? : I think matthew has got to be matt murphy 
b/c I know he went away to california around the time "i am the cancer" was 
written & he & chris were/are fairly good friends. I would think alyson is 
alyson fr jale b/c the time frame for that is right too. Of course I had to 
answer that 1, eh...:)

 "today the rain falls on me,21 weeks how long could that be..." -the criss 
   part of "we the living" 
 "smokey umbrella covered factory town.." -almost every blackpool song