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Re: i write you from a far country, north of Africa..

Hi Carol and all who care (ALL of you, right? :) )

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, sizzle teen wrote:
> 1.  what is this song *amped* that people are talking about?

"amped" is one of the songs on the B-side to "underwhelmed", along with 
"sleepover". Why they didn't put them on _Smeared_ I'll *never* 
understand, they are two of the best songs sloan has ever written.

I'm not *positive* if it was released domestically or not.

> > 2.  why did sloan call their label 'murderecords'? > 

If you look at the murderecords label, it looks like a) a bunch of bugs 
;) or   b) a bunch of crows. Now, as we all know, Chris Murphy has his BA 
in English. A "bunch" of crows is completely incorrect. We don't say a 
"bunch" of cows or lions.... So just as we say "herd of cows" or "pride 
of lions" we also say "murder of crows". Yep. Murderecords. 

The only other actual bit of information I can contribute at this point 
is the fact that once they decided to call it murderecords, they were a 
bit freaked that everyone would think it's a label with *scary* music on 
it ;) ....Chris is a big fan of bloody macho boy movies (but only cause 
he's not like that in real life.... ;) and so.... aw, who knows. :)

> 3.  why did they omit the second r? (this confuses my parents who are not 
> fluent in english... ;) )

As to why they left out the second r, it's the same reason why nearly
all of the murderecords releases use My Bloody Valentine fonts - they're
all a bunch of losers.


Oh no...is everyone leaving now that exams are starting??? Bye to 
everyone who is, good luck on exams, have a good summer, bla bla bla. :)

check ya,