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On Thu, 6 Apr 1995, James R. Covey wrote:

> >NOVA SCOTIA IS A DUMP: A German magazine has published a thoroughly
> >unflattering article about Nova Scotia as a potential tourist attraction.
> >In fact, Stern  magazine says Nova Scotia is a "dump" and people here are
> >"lazy" and "backward." In the past, the magazine has published Hitler's
> >diaries -- which turned out to be false, as well as pictures of Madonna's
> >breasts. CBC RADIO NEWS 7:30 AM
> actually, this article is false as well.  in fact, nova scotia
> does not really exist.  it's a convenient, well-managed fabrication
> of the trend-starved music industry.  so don't try to come here,
> 'cause we don't exist.  plus the place is a mess and we're pretty
> dumb so you wouldn't like it here anyway.
> duh, james

Well, two Toronto filmmakers called me yesterday because they're doing 
research on for a new tv show they're producing about (fictional) rock 
bands.  They're trying to figure out where to set the tv series.  They were 
talking about Halifax, but I said "Oh Halifax is so five minutes ago," 
and suggested more exotic locales like Yarmouth (so all my relatives can 
work on the show), Moncton, Thunder Bay or Regina.  

Just trying to help you guys keep your little secret.

Expert for hire