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Re: Zedd Recordz

>>NOVA SCOTIA IS A DUMP: A German magazine has published a thoroughly
>>unflattering article about Nova Scotia as a potential tourist attraction.
>>In fact, Stern  magazine says Nova Scotia is a "dump" and people here are
>>"lazy" and "backward." In the past, the magazine has published Hitler's
>>diaries -- which turned out to be false, as well as pictures of Madonna's
>>breasts. CBC RADIO NEWS 7:30 AM

> actually, this article is false as well.  in fact, nova scotia
d> oes not really exist.  it's a convenient, well-managed fabrication
o>f  the trend-starved music industry.  so don't try to come here,
> 'cause we don't exist.  plus the place is a mess and we're pretty
> dumb so you wouldn't like it here anyway.

> duh, james

actually, what the news item fails to mention is that madonna's breasts
also proved to be false.

and i must take exception to my esteemed collegue's assessment of
the nova scotian intellectual prowess.

having an article in this magazine associates us with madonna's breasts,
which i hear are reasonably intelligent.

what i'm saying is, they, like, do tricks and everything!

and everyone who's seen a madonna video knows they can act far more
realistically than she can.

however, the association with hitler's diaries is less than flattering.
they're pretty stupid - lots of swastikas in the margins and stuff.
but on the other hand, the rigorous proofs to himself that his mother
was not jewish are quite educational.

i faithfully remain,
your interpreter of culture,