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adventures at frog hollow

so today i went to frog hollow books to check 
out this sign that quotes my _alternative press_
halifax article.  ("pleasingly eclectic and
a great place to browse", yup, that's what
i said :-)  and there it was, right out front.
"AP, _alternative press_ magazine, cleveland, ohio."
i had to chuckle.  i went in and picked up
an autographed copy of james kelman's _how
late it was, how late_ and then i started 
talking to the sales clerk and the woman who
is apparently the manager and/or owner.  she
said, "how can we thank you for mentioning
us?"  i said, "well, i'm not here to demand
royalties or anything."  :-)  they asked me if
i'm just visiting halifax and i explained that
i live here and freelance various journalistic
gigs.  so then she says, "i had to take exception
to one thing, about entitlement books having the
coolest staff!"  and i said, "well, maybe you can
work on that."  she says, "i don't know if i want
to get a nose ring..."  i said, "maybe some
tattoos."  :-)  not likely.


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