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hey there people...

ok heres the list of people who have sent me there money:

colin ward
warren rodericks
jason yanolta (nice check :) )
bill hutten
hua hsu (another funky check)
barbara yamazaki
john sproull
nina (surprise :) )
andrew rodenhiser
roderick aflick
dave from richmond

so there it is.. those are the people whom i have recieved money from 
..so stop frettin guys i got yer cash...

so theres still like another 50 of yah out there so get movin...

anyhow thanks to everyone who sent me little notes and such...

so far ive learned about the city of fredricton (from a guy who doesnt 
live there) and gotten some sub pop mail order page...

im touched :)

anyhow im gonna type up the list of names and address for the back of the 
shirt right now .. so maybe ill post it latter...



btw i meant to mention that the hanes super tee (which is what these 
shirts will be) have a really really large xl... sorta skata like.. so if 
yer into that dont worry but if maybe yer hesitant you can email me and 
change yer order to a large.. im pretty sure the shirts are pre shrunk i 
dont remember... so if not you can shrink em a bit ...

"dreaming of a goddess i admire and trust....deal with my neurosis and 
satisfy my lust" seBADoh