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LES AMIS related 411


For those of you wondering...the reason we asked each band to chip in $15 
each is cause the length of these tapes raises the price of production 
significantly. If only 12 bands signed on, then it would be small and 
cheap and cool and we'd probably dub it ourselves. However.... I don't 
exactly feel like telling one band NO and one band YES. If you like sloan 
enough to want to do this, then you deserve to be on these compilations.

For those of you who are solo artists kinda thing, well, if you *truly* 
can't afford $15 (understandable) then maybe chip in what you can. 
However, for bands with 3 or 4 kids, come on, that's like $5 each or so.
I'd love to say be on this for free but in case you hadn't noticed, both 
tdc and I *volunteered* to do this and neither of us has any money. 
Otherwise (duh) we'd have flown out East... :) :) :)

We're still gonna lose our shirts on it, we're still the ones who are 
going to lose a lot of sleep over it, so if you still think you don't 
want to put in $15, then don't be on it. I'm sorry for sounding so mean, 
but we can't afford it. Sorry.

Also...if we actually make money on this venture, you can either a) get 
all your money back (the whole $15) or  b) you can invest it back into 
a second run. 

Whatever you want. I forgot to mention that because I've got 
14 thousand things on my mind and oops sometimes I forget stuff.

So sorry, kay?

*hugs* for you all even though I sound mean,
Tara Lee record industry bitch

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