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Re: questionable info

Hey rockers,

On Thu, 6 Apr 1995, gabrielle wrote:

> hey.
> i recall hearing that Andrew Scott will be appearing in Gus Van Sant's new
> film. (which is not out yet, nor will it be out any time in the near
> future, as far as i know.) i do not think i heard this on the sloan net, so

I know where you heard it Gaby! It's in the cut n' clip sloan mini facts 
page of my zine, Joey Joey. I didn't make it up, either. :) My original 
source was Network magazine, Sept/Oct ish which reads: 

"Scott returned to his adopted home of Toronto, where he has lived for 
more than a year with his girlfriend, Fiona Highet, an actress who 
recently got a recurring role on the Toronto-based TV series Robocop. He 
got involved in the film world when he was approached by Gus Van Sant's 
production team to tutor Matt Dillon on how to mimic playing the drums 
for Van Sant's forthcoming feature, _To Die For_. Shot on location in Toronto 
this past spring, the film features a cameo by Scott playing the 
bassist in Dillon's band."

Coooool. Just like Chris Cornell. ;)

ha ha ha...

Also Chris M. re-confirmed it for tdc when she last spoke with the jerk. ;)
(that's a joke...) Chris also mentioned that Fiona got the part of Nancy 
Drew in a movie... neato.

bye bye,
Tara slowest to get money out East because DUH she lives in postal hell