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Sedd RecordS

i think i should mention that in addition to being able to purchase
the first fruit of zedd's loins at our area on friday, members of state
champs and/or pavement and/or zedd recordz will have the opportunity to
mangle/mingle/mengele me.

for whatever reason.

also, in the spirit of alternative rock sideshow booths, eyeball piercing
will be available free of charge.

bring your own awl.

by the by, the single:
	"has a great beat and is easy to dance to." - time
	"the spirit of the detroit sound lives on in a band called
	 spine, whose hard-edged assault leaves you reelin' with
	 the feelin'..." - peter bagge
	"wouldn't be prudent at this juncture." - dana carvey/g. bush
	"it's been a long time since i did the stroll.
	 this record had me STROLLIN'." - robert plant
	"so long, david.  i will miss you." - obligatory sloan reference

with reviews like that, why wouldn't you sit your slack ass down on the
sofa friday afternoon, not venturing out all weekend?

well, i lied.

so be there friday night.  otherwise i'll make vaguely slanderous
insinuations to utter strangers about you, casually working your
email address into the conversation.


scandeliciously yours,