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moonsocket scoop & stuff

1st Sorry if this's been posted before, but I heard a rumor that 
Moonsocket (yes, Chris from Eric's Trip) will be putting out 2 7"s 
sometime in the future:one on Sub Pop, one on Ratfish Records in Boston. 
So there!

2ndthere's this really cool 'zine in Chicago Il, that collects the 
phobias of people & jale is in the new issue. I didn't bring the address 
today, but if u want it, get in touch. There's also a rare self portrait 
of me in there, too, shrunk next to writeups by some one who fears 
maggots & someone who fears being ignored. YAY!

3rd OKOK, this is really old & no one's talked about it in a while, but I 
have to throw my belated 2 cents in & say that I don't think Halifax 
could support a "better" record store. Think of ten bands u love, who'd 
rock Halifax. Now think of how many of them have played Halifax. How many 
have played eastern Canada? How many of them could find eastern canada on 
a map? Now think about how many distributors rip off little isolated 
record stores (and labels) . Sorry, but I say buy a book a stamps and 
become a mail order baby.

4th, um, sloan sloan sloan (I always feel obligated to mention them) If I 
owe anybody who's reading this mail, please be patient, 'cos I've been 
out of my head with stress.
				Love to the entire Sloan net empire, Heather