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Hardship Post in CMJ!

Hey all!
	I just got back from a friend's place, where she had the Feb.
1995 issue of CMJ's New Music Monthly poised for the trash.  But I
snagged it, and good thing I did, 'cause I noticed in their "On The
Verge" section, a piece on Hardship Post.  There's a picture of the
band, and here's what they had to say:

	Hardship Post's first American 7" single, "Sugarcane" (Mag
Wheel), had such strong Nirvana overtones it seemed almost too obvious
when the trio from Newfoundland, Canada signed with SubPop. But since
that time, guitarist/vocalist Sebastian Lippa has cleverly diversified
his band's sound, so that the band's debut SubPop outing, a single
called "Slick Talking Jack", slows the pace to a seductive groove and
"If I..." on the flipside is positively dreamy.  A tape of early demos
indicates enormous songwriting potential, sure to be borne out on
Hardship Post's first full-length album, due out in April.

So I guess that means that America likes Hardship Post.  I apologize
to those of you who don't care, but I thought people might be interested.
There's also a review of cub's _Come Out Come Out_ album, and they
raved about it.  Oh, and I just noticed that _Forever Again_ is number
53 on their top 75 list.  In case you care.  Bye!


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