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a thought about MulchYeast

>only rymes with orange 
>could be on the same show with lil orton hoggett and weird al yankovic
>and be the most ridiculous thing on it.

and only stinkin rich could rhyme "orange" with "door hinge" :) 
will lil orton be appearing again anywhere soon? i missed both the oasis 
& last weekend's apparently hilarious birdland show (i'll let shant & adam  
discuss it b/c they were there but i guess it involved a brush 
with death & a very large American flag). 
 the only non-tara awake at this hour of the night :)...............kat

PS are there any more of those prizewinner cassettes available? i'd like to 
get a copy if i could....

   "don't you wish that you could be a stupid intellectual like me..."
                - thrush hermit 1991