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For those about to rock we salute you

Yes, Patrick Pentland loves AC/DC... :)

Here comes the other money related post. Kids, if you really want this 
whole tape thing to work, well, I guess we need you to pitch in now. If 
you want to get your hands on these tapes (volume I and II), then now is 
the time to act. :) Sloan songs, as covered by your favorite sloan net kids!
And many surprises, too (yeah, there's still a few tricks up our sleeves, 
despite what you may have heard from James "speechless" Covey) ;-)

 If you would like a copy of volume I, send your 
money, your summer/permanent address, and lots of hugs to Tara Da Costa

1501 Roberval Avenue
Orleans, ON
K4A 2C4
Canaduh :)

If you would like a copy of volume II, send your money, your 
summer/permanent address, and lots of hugs to Tara Lee Wittchen

2444-44 St. S.E.
Calgary, AB
T2B 1J6
Canaduh :)

If you would like BOTH volumes then send money off to both of us. Now, 
here's the price.


Yes, $6. We did some math and we figure that should cover the cost of 
production, a copy of our band bio zines, and postage. There might even 
be a bit leftover to sink back into producing more tapes later on.

Americans, send us American funds. Anyone not in Canada or the US, send 
American funds, too, it will help make up for the expensive postage.
Send well concealed cash or money 
order please, everyone. WELL CONCEALED!!! :) never trust a postie ;)

We are only going to do an initial run of 500 tapes. 250 of each volume. 
However, we can't do it at all until we get some of the money. God, I 
hate this, I *hate* asking for money and so does tdc. Neither of us has 
much of it and we tried to calculate this all so it would be fair and we 
wouldn't lose our shirts but we don't intend on making any sort of 
profit. If we make *anything* (as if), we want to invest it all back into 
making more tapes and possibly (one day???) putting it to CD 
(who knows...).  

So here's the deal. Email us to let us know you're sending us money, 
we'll keep track in our little books....Send us your cash, we'll keep 
track in our little books....when we get enough money collected from the 
bands and from our sweet sloan net friends who want copies of the tape, 
then we can take our cool compilations to be put onto DAT and then get 
our 500 tapes made! Then... we mail them off to our lucky 500 
customers/sloan net friends. :) :) :)

And perhaps start the whole thing over again. :)

The sooner you place your order, the sooner these tapes come out. 

Again, sorry for talking about money but we just can't do this any other 
way. Thanks to everyone who has helped us out a bit with advice so far, 
it means a lot to us. :) :) We're trying... :)

the two taras, 
professional record industry scum and band biographers. ;)
("but when do we get to watch peter rowan giving mark arm piggy back rides?")

 "They showed `French Inhale' on MuchMusic and it said Murmur Records, or 
  something like that. They hate us."   - Jay Ferguson

      tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca   tlwittch\!/freenet.calgary.ab.ca