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LES AMIS DU SLOAN ---> the list at last!!!

Ok here it is... Pay Attention, please. :) :)

Thanks, first of all, to everyone who responded. Tara and I are really 
busy getting everything in place and I think we've got it all in order 
now. Our phone bills now surpass the national debt... :) :)

Please forgive us for what we are about to do, but it's the only way 
we can do this without moving to America and selling our blood.

In order for us to do this, we need to receive at least $15 per song on 
these tapes. So...if you have one song, send $15. If you contribute 
twice, send $30. I'm really sorry to be asking for money, but there is 
just no way we can do this now without it. We've asked a few people for 
their opinions and they all seem to agree, it's worth it to put in a few 
bucks (like for most bands it will end up being $3 or 5 per person). 

Also, if you can afford it and feel charitable, send more. :) hee 
hee...We are getting these tapes produced professionally and we are 
getting it all put onto DAT for posterity. Just so you know.

Now, here is the list. The following bands should send their tape and 
money to Tara Da Costa... she is at...

email  ----> bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca

snailmail--->  1501 Roberval Avenue
               Orleans, ON
               K4A 2C4

If you live nearby, you can also call tdc at 

613 824 0118


Brent Bambury Event Horizon
Steaming Toolie
Umbrella Tree

and the following people who have not decided on a band name, they are 
also supposed to send stuff to Tara da Costa

Katrina and Heather
Jeff and Karen et al
Yan (and friends? :) )
Shant, Katrina and Adam (d is for....)
Jerry (torn only)

Got that? :) :)

Ok, now everyone else send stuff to ME, and my address is going to be 
changing in the next 3 weeks, so PLEASE send me stuff at this permanent 
address, kay??

Attention: Tara Wittchen re: Les Amis Du Sloan
2444-44 Street, S.E.
Calgary, AB
T2B 1J6

You can also call me if you want to (but just be careful, I tend to go on 
and on... ;) ) up until the end of april at  403 245 4417 , if you have 
any questions. After April, leave messages at 403 272 4543.

Everyone else includes...

Skankin Family
Fouret String Quartet
State Champs
The Pope Joan
Popularity Contest
Molly's Reach (mfw, please pass this on..)

also... Jerry, send sleepover to me, Shant, Kat and Adam, send L.F.M. to 
me, and Patty, send yr other bands stuff to me (I am sooo sorry for 
forgetting the name right now).

If you know yr on this tape but you don't see yr name, then email me or 
tara. Unless you happen to be involved in some way with b'ehl, the 
sweaters, hitchiked, lou barlow ;), sloan ;), or the galapagos raygun, 
cause we either have yr stuff or it's all taken care of already. :) :)

So... deadline....Tara and I would like to have everything sent to us by, 
oh let's say April 25. Please mail it as soon as possible. If it's not in 
by the end of April, chances are we might not get to put it on the tape.

In case you want more details about why we are asking for money, please 
email us. Send well concealed cash or money orders please. 

There will be another post sent asap for people wanting to buy the tapes.

I love you all, thank you for being part of this cool thing. :) :)

Tara Lee
future record industry whore ;)
("but when do i get to start sleeping my way to the top?" ;)  )

 "They showed `French Inhale' on MuchMusic and it said Murmur Records, or 
  something like that. They hate us."   - Jay Ferguson

      tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca   tlwittch\!/freenet.calgary.ab.ca