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Re: Archives


 actually, We (the guys who run the Stingk Home Page) have some free 
space on an account. It depends on how big it is. We could set up an 
.html so people could access it that way, but no ftp, because it's a 
private account. hmm, it may be hard to incorperate lots of messages. If 
we could come up with a cgi/bin file thingy. except it's mvs and not 
unix. I'm blabbing. let me know what you think.


On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> I need Sloan-related assistance from all you net.junkies out there:
> I have approximately 800 archived messages from SloanNet dating back to 
> its creation in May 1993 (Thankfully I deleted all the noise: this stuff 
> is about 90% informative).  I unfortunately have to open up some hard drive 
> space (this occupies about 3M in Pegasus-compressed form!) on my computer 
> here at work so it can be used for actual academic purposes.  So, I'm 
> wondering if there's an archive site where I could dump monthly 
> collections of this stuff and thus make the history of SloanNet available 
> to its subscribers (especially the Taras and similarly rabid fans)
>     I know we used to have stuff at ftp.uwp.edu or something like that, 
> but how do I go about sending it there?  Scotto, now that you're back 
> maybe you can shed some light.  And this stuff will be of great use to 
> whoever eventually writes the FAQ (Astro?).
> Thanks,
> packratboy
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