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Re: Archives

} actually, We (the guys who run the Stingk Home Page) have some free 
}space on an account. It depends on how big it is. We could set up an 
}.html so people could access it that way, but no ftp, because it's a 
}private account. hmm, it may be hard to incorperate lots of messages. If 
}we could come up with a cgi/bin file thingy. except it's mvs and not 
}unix. I'm blabbing. let me know what you think.

Well, I'm afraid I'm not even unix-literate, so this is above my head.  
What I have is 2-3M compressed (so maybe 3-4 uncompressed) of stored mail 
messages.  I thought the easiest thing to do would be to compile them 
monthly into ~20 files, and/or I can separate out good stuff like 
discographies, lyrics, maybe even a file of news clippings and radio 
interviews, reviews of gigs and albums, etc.  I can even divvy a lot of it 
up by band if it doesn't have to do with Sloan.  It would only take me a 
couple of hours to move all the good stuff into new folders and then 
extract and forward it.  You'd just have to tell me how to get it there.  
I don't use WWW on this PC but I can install Mosaic if that's needed, or I 
could just mail you one or two files a day (since they'll be rather large) 
and let you deal with it.

Hey, with the Web, this stuff doesn't even need to hog one site, it could 
be spread around.  Maybe it could even be accessible from my VAX account, 
\!/ac.dal.ca, I'd have to look into that.

Let me know what you think :)