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I need Sloan-related assistance from all you net.junkies out there:

I have approximately 800 archived messages from SloanNet dating back to 
its creation in May 1993 (Thankfully I deleted all the noise: this stuff 
is about 90% informative).  I unfortunately have to open up some hard drive 
space (this occupies about 3M in Pegasus-compressed form!) on my computer 
here at work so it can be used for actual academic purposes.  So, I'm 
wondering if there's an archive site where I could dump monthly 
collections of this stuff and thus make the history of SloanNet available 
to its subscribers (especially the Taras and similarly rabid fans)
    I know we used to have stuff at ftp.uwp.edu or something like that, 
but how do I go about sending it there?  Scotto, now that you're back 
maybe you can shed some light.  And this stuff will be of great use to 
whoever eventually writes the FAQ (Astro?).