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heey there tshirt people...

sorry ive been so busy lately lots of stuff going on but heres the new 
update on the tees...

so far there have been 58 orders for tshirts... and i guess thats 
probably all ill get.. but thats pretty damn fine.. 

anyhow if anyone else wants one they better respond asap cause once i get 
al the money they get made... 

speaking of money i got rodericks the other day so he was the first but 
he lives hear and he gave it to me .. sothe first mailed money i recieved 
was nina's .. all the way form scrborough.. actually it was a tie her and 
dave from richmond's both came in today but hers was on top... :)

so she wins :)

ill maybe think of a cool prize or something.. but maybe not because then 
roderick wil get on my case cause he was the true first payer...

anyhow i really hope to get all the cash by this weekend so i can go buy 
the shirts and have them mailed of by the following weekend...

so hurry up people

dont poke or dally

incidently i still need addresses for:

shawn stackhouse
and terri watson

and i need sizes from:
john pette
mike nelson
megan mallett
rick waterman
roger nelson
alfred sanford
andrea gin
warren rodericks
dale houston
harish bhat
shawn stackhouse
and terri watson

so get back to me culprits 

anyhow nina is hands down the tshirt keener ...

first order
first response
and first recieved mail/cash (though this was a tie)

follow her example peole

anyhow want to thank everyone again for being so really really nice to me 
..you guys are ridiculous im only makin shirts fer god sakes :)

anyhow sorry i couldnt respond to you all personally but ive been so 
super busy ..

anyhow lets hipe i get the cash by this wekend so you guys can get your 
shirts that much sooner :)