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Drunken Chemists (Re: 8 days, 3 gigs)

Roderick Affleck <affleck\!/ug.cs.dal.ca> noted:

}First of all, last week (anybody remember that far back?) when all you folks
}were watching the inbreds, I was conned into going to see some benefit for
}something at the Oasis.  It featured Holden Wheeling, Leonard Conan, some


}I was pleasantly surprised by Holden Wheeling.  They're catchy poppy stuff,
}like Cool Blue Halo used to be before they turned to shit.  I hadn't 
}actually heard what they sounded like before, but I remember once last 
}year they played for a bunch of drunken Chemists at Dalhousie, and to me 
}that seemed like an act of a desperate band that can't find gigs anywhere 

Being one of the drunken chemists who was at that gig (I was so wasted, I 
can hardly remember it :) I'll just clarify that the band thought it was 
an awful gig too, but they were conned into it by the drummer's sister, who 
was at the time president of the Chem. Undergrad Students Society (CUSS :).
Nicole had flogged their music to many of her friends and the turnout was 
reasonably good for a ChemBeer (maybe 30).

The gig was quite cool, other than the total lack of sound equipment.  
They had one mike with no stand, so it was hung from the ceiling, and 
since one of the vocalists was nearly a foot shorter than the other he had 
to stand on a copy of the "Rubber Handbook" (a 5" thick chemical 
encyclopedia) in order to sing.  I think they had one or two amps and 
certainly no extra speakers.  But they played well and managed to add a 
few people to their fan base, as well as entertain a bunch of slack, 
nerdy, boring scientists :)

Are they still using the accordion?

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