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8 days, 3 gigs

So I haven't posted anything important in a while, so I'll continue that trend
by talking about some really old shows I went to.

First of all, last week (anybody remember that far back?) when all you folks
were watching the inbreds, I was conned into going to see some benefit for
something at the Oasis.  It featured Holden Wheeling, Leonard Conan, some
drum group that I entirely missed due to playing pool, and some guy with
an accoustic guitar and bad 70's songs who played waaay too long (hour and
a half for an opening act??? yikes).  I was really dissappointed by Leonard
Conan, I used to think they were cool, and mellow and Pub Slob was cool and
different from a lot of Halifax music at the time.  Now they're playing loud
and distorted and it's just boring.  Even "Anybody's guess" was ruined.
I was pleasantly surprised by Holden Wheeling.  They're catchy poppy stuff,
like Cool Blue Halo used to be before they turned to shit.  I hadn't actually
heard what they sounded like before, but I remember once last year they
played for a bunch of drunken Chemists at Dalhousie, and to me that seemed like
an act of a desperate band that can't find gigs anywhere else.  So they were
a lot better than I thought they'd be.  Unfortunately their set kept getting
interrupted because apparently one of their guitarists doesn't know how to
tune a guitar.  I also met Mellissa, who is there excellent bass player.
She seems like a really swell person (I also had the pleasure of meeting her
again last friday, and the displeasure of sitting though yet another horrid
KTS production.  in the horrid pit.  on horrid king's campus).

On thursday, after getting nicely sloshed at the DSS party (meal and all you
can drink for $5) I went to the khyber for State Champs et al.  I was 
really impressed with all the bands that played.  I won't go into all that
much detail, as most of it's been discussed.  My main problem was with
the vocals.  State champs were the worst in this regard, I could hardly
hear anything mark was saying due to all the distortion.  But other than
that I really liked their way too loud set.  Wine Makes Us sounds better
every time I hear it. 
Popularity Conttest are amazing.  Emily's voice has this surreal quality
to it that makes it sound like it's always on the verge of cracking, but
never does and it's.....yeah, mesmerizing.
Preppy Relatives.  Gordon is as utterly cool as everyone says he is.  Great
guitar work, he plays really well without doing an wanker stuff.  I would
have liked be able to hear more of his lyrics.
Tim Robbinz Experience are hilarious, everyone who has seen them knows that.
I don't know what kind of drug the thrush kids are on when they wrote those
songs but I want some.

Which brings us to Birdland, shitty birdland last night.

I got there in the middle of Piggy's set, and after an initial "What the
fuck is this?" I really started to enjoy them.  Fun songs, cool horn 
section, the glamour girls were a hoot.  As Emily said, I met her and
Gordon last night, they both seem like realy cool people who are tolerant
of dorks who walk up to them in bars and introduce themselves.
The Obnoxides suck suck suck.  Man-o-man they suck.  Cock Rock Punk shit
that I plan to avoid at all costs.  They were amusing for the first couple
of songs, after than their stage antics became boring and repetitive.  
Their songs are bland, the lead singer reminded me why I need to get a
haircut very soon.  They were tight, and no doubt really work hard, I'll say
that much for them.  But who cares when what they play is that pathetic. I kept
convicing myself that it was worth sitting through this shit to see Coyote.
And it would have been if Coyote had played, but they didn't.
It seems that Tim was sick and went to the hospital just before their
set.  Oh bliss.  So the monoxides graciously offered to play another set.
bliss.  I didn't stay for it.  because in case you forgot I think they suck.
I whined to the person at the door that I wanted my money back.  It didn't

sorry about this post being so long.  skip the rest if you want.

roderick aFFleckkkfafaa


It gets all crappy from here on.