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as if any of you are up but if you are...


Make sure to watch for Shant on mucheast... I *knew* that was him, 
Katrina!!! I was watching the first round of MUCHEAST and the weird al 
segment came on and so I told my friends "hey I wonder if Shant will be 
on" and I saw this guy that totally matched his description and I was 
like "hey that's gotta be him"

Wowzers...so if anyone is still up...MuchEast comes on at 11 pm MST 
(that's 2 am AST, 10 pm PST) so check it out...

Lil Orton and his 10 cent wings were FREAKIN hilarious!!! Love that oh so 
shy drummer boy... ;)

For all you out of towners (like me) it was yet another chance to see the 
inside of the Sloanabago, CKDU, and much more things that sloan net 
legends are made of.


bye bye (as L'il orton's alter ego would say)

ps/ i still hate country music.


   "la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la..."

                                   - Chris Murphy, lyrical GENIUS
                                     "Deeper Than Beauty"  _2r_

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