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piggy at the birdland

I dont know if you all have heard about piggy yet.  You will.  I think 
piggy is the most amazing new band in halifax.  Last night they played 
their best show to date (that I have seen) at the birdland which is 
usually such a shitty venue, but the sound was good I think cause that 
really cool nice smart sound guy was working, I think his name is Steve.  
He used to be in 100 flowers or one of those bands, and he is really good 
at his job.  The reason that sound is so important for piggy is that they 
use unconventional instrumentation: two saxaphones and a clarinet with an 
acoustic guitar and a kazoo also.  Peter Boilaeu (thats not right but the 
guy from horseshoes and handgrenades) played drums with them when they 
played with us at the NSCAD bomb threat dance, and it was good but they 
are tighter and cleaner without him I think.  

Anyway, Ill just describe the stage set up.  First, a woman came out in a 
sexy red velvet dress and elbow length gloves and a pair of sunglasses.  
Then a sexy beautiful boy came out in a little tshirt and said that we 
should get ready for the sounds of the ocean or something.  Then another 
beautiful sexy underage woman came out and sat beside woman #1 and then 
the horn section and then piggy(paul) and they, all the boys, were wearing 
bowties and hats and tight suit pants.  The saxaphone player who is 
called Aaron I think is very sexy too.  The first song they played is 
called the sandy shore I think.  When it was over, Paul (the guitar 
player/songwriter) told us he wrote it when he was 8.  It was a very 
beautiful song and I hope I hear it again soon.  We (popularity contest) 
are going to ask them to put something on a compilation with us.   

The final chapter of this very remarkable performance was the eruption of 
a beautiful rendering of mount vesuvius, in time with piggy's final 
number, Nola, a punk love song written to Paul's cat.  It was 
exceptional.  In fact it was the best show Ive seen in Halifax in a very 
long time.  We are very conservative here and afraid to appear foolish by 
doing stage acts, but thats what makes it exciting to see shows.  I loved 
it, go see them the next time you hear that they are playing.

Also I had the pleasure to meet Roderick Affleck, and wanted to say how 
nice that was.

Oh yeah, the macho monoxides and coyote played too but I didnt stay.  I 
went to see more testy testosterone at the oasis where superfriendz were