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khyber gig

State Champs, played a pretty good, but not the best I've seen.   So far 
the shows that have impressed me the most are the very first time I saw 
them at the khyber(last summer maybe) and at Dal for the CKDU benefit.  
Jonathan has to learn to turn down his guitar, it meant that Marc had to 
sing through a maxed out mic, and it was all distorted.  Anyway, I love 
this band, even when they're not at their best.

Popularity Contest were great, this is the first time for me to see them 
perform, Emily writes great songs.  I love her voice, I'm not sure how to 
describe it, kinda like Victoria Williams. Their sound is very minimal, 
clean guitar sound, but straight throught the amp, so no silly reverb, 
understated drums and bass.  

Preppy Relatives were also great, a guitar and a drum, clever lyrics, and 
they can really jam the songs out.  Gordon Isenor is truly one of the 
best guitar players in town, very inventive.  He doesn't go on big long 
guitar solos, but he does move all over his guitar throughout a song.  
I didn't stick around for the tim robbins experience, but I here they 
were good too.

Jim Cooper