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Re:Underwhelmed12"/USAvsCAN/mrdrrcrds online

>        now be flat as hell. As for the center it really depends on what
>        is wrong with it, but if it's just a little off center it's no
>        big deal, cause I doubt you'll find the 12" again.
>I'm Audi                                                Brendan
>> I picked up the Sloan Underwhelmed 12" and it had screwed up center
>> hole and it was warped.  Could mine be the only one and should I
>>     Paul Landry

****UNDERWHELMED 12":  Generally when a record revolves "off-center", it's
due to a fault during production, such as a cheap and careless pressing
plant that doesn't take the time to press their vinyl properly.  It's not a
result of the center being punched "off-center"; the grooves are not cut
on-center.  I'm not sure exactly what's the case with your copy, but with
off-center pressings, you will be able to watch the arm of the record
player move from side to side as the record plays. This results in what is
called "wow & flutter".  Soundwise, it makes the guitars/vocals (audible on
any sustaining instrument) not hold their pitch; the pitch seems to go
down, then up, then down, etc.  as though the record were being slowed down
slightly.  This defect is not one that happens to a single copy; it is
generally a defect common through the entire pressing lot.  The defect has
to be quite great for the wow & flutter to be very noticeable.  So, getting
another copy would not necessarily solve your problem.

****USA vs. CANADA:  I would have to agree with the person that mentioned
that it's not entirely US's fault that not more Canadian music gets play in
the US; the blame (as in ALL situations) must lay with all parties
involved.  Another thing to note is that neither the US nor CANADA get that
much Australian/New Zealand pop music either.  I (an American) haven't
heard of the Inbreds before, but you Canadians haven't heard of LoveCup (an
American band).  Australians haven't heard of either, I'm sure, but most
NorthAmericans haven't heard of BigHeavyStuff (a killer Australian band).
MY POINT BEING that every country has their own music that doesn't get
spread to other countries, simply because of the borders.  There is a lot
of ethnocentricity involved, as well, but it's not where the blame should
solely lay.  I'll admit that a band like Sloan is a lot "bigger" than
BigHeavyStuff (a better comparison would be YouAmI, Silverchair, or
Supergroove--the first two from Australia and the last from NZ) or LoveCup,
but I trust you've understood my point that all countries concentrate on
their own countries' music more than others.  Look at it this way: it's not
as though the US has some kind of regulation for how much of its *own*
music (as opposed to Candian/UK/Australian/etc.) we HAVE TO PLAY on
radio/tv/etc.  ;)

****MURDERECORDS ONLINE:  I think that if someone is subscribed to a
particular newsgroup/mailing list, they have then, in some way, accepted
and agreed to a format of open discussion...not like the whole BigBrother
thing that you speak of in relation to LouB/Sebadoh/KBillus.  JoyceL. on
this group (and certainly NilsBernstein on another group I'm on--and to a
much worse degree) is here to "discuss" the topics and not to report back,
or do market research.  On another group that I'm on (along with SubPop
mogul NilsBernstein-and JoyceL.?-), SubPop and curse words are used quite
frequently in the same sentences, and while Nils while try to explain
misconceptions, he most certainly is there for the content and not the
marketing demographic or eavesdropping possibilities.

Actually, many other countries could do well with a regulation similar to
that of CanadianContent.

Also, on a lighter note...last night on Cinemax [Skinamax], there was a
stupid movie that starred a guy who looked sooo much like ChriSmurphy, it
was freaking me out <-----SLOAN CONTENT!!

Fundamentally yours**,

**The title of the best Stackridge song ever (**U.K. band**;) )