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Re: questions, questions...

Carol and all who desire knowledge of the superfriendz variety...

On Fri, 31 Mar 1995, sizzle teen wrote:
> 2.  please send me info about superfriendz; e.g. the members, what each 
>     play, who sings what, etc...

Matt Murphy - guitarboy, voice
charles Austin - bass boy hmmmm voice too?
Drew Yamada - guitarboy, wooing the girls

Dave Marsh *was* their drummer but he has since (apparently) moved on to 
new things...some guy named Chris ;) drums for them a lot.

And no, he's not Matt's brother, marc. ;)

I dunno who sings what...I think Matt sings the chirpier ones ... hee 
hee. :)

> 4.  why are cheerios unsinkable?

Did anyone else used to call Cheerios Howie Meeker Cereal as a child?


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  1 nerd    * like someone's trying to get out of summer school.'
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