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let's all talk about who sloan has ripped off :)

Here's my list...

Husker Du - Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (Lucky For Me)
Doughboys - Tearin' Away (Amped)
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (Coax Me)
the Beatles - The Word (People Of The Sky)
My Bloody Valentine - Sueisfine (I Am The Cancer)
Rankin Family - North Country (Penpals)
Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket (Two Seater)

Those jerks... and here we all thought they were *cool* ;-)
Anyone got any more songs that "sloan" allegedly wrote? ;)

tara lee

ps/ this is all meant in fun... :) in case you couldn't tell
  `Thrush Hermit has plans for a feature film. As a cast they need:
  4 girls   * The story line would consist of a common goal between all 
  2 studs   * the male characters: Getting laid by the end of summer. 
  1 fat guy * Of course suspense filled subplots would be thrown in,   
  1 nerd    * like someone's trying to get out of summer school.'
                - Not Just Another Cookbook, issue #1

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