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les amis question for all

This might seem a little lame...

Tara DC and a few others and I have been emailing each other frantically 
about some of the finer details of this compilation. We really want this 
to work and so that is why it's taking a long time to post info.

We are just trying to calculate costs and things...To do this, we need to 
work out some sort of rough estimate as to how many cassettes we should 
make. We can always make more if we make enough money from the first run 
(not "make" money, but pay off the debts, if ya follow...) but for that 
first initial run....

Is 100 too ambitious? Too few? How many of you think that you have 
friends who aren't on sloan net who might want one? Please do not post to 
sloan net stuff like "I would buy lots" or "I would never buy 
any"...please email ONE of us or both of us but not the list.

Thanks for all of your _informed_ or just happy little opinions.

tara lee in calgary

ps/ I repeat, DO NOT POST ABOUT THIS TO SLOAN NET. There's already too many 
one line replies about stuff not *really* relevant to most of the 
list for some people.
ps+/ tara dc is at bi629\!/freenet.carleton.ca
ps++/ mike winter i need your email address again..
 "Sloan is a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. And while Halifax is
  relatively close to the New England states, it is probably more
  easily equated to the North Pole in most Americans' minds."
                          -mark c. wieman, _front wheel drive_

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