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related to murderecords, very much so


About murder subscribing to sloan net (if and when)...After talking to 
colin mackenzie a few times and talking with people who know him, I would 
have to say that you shouldn't worry about the dynamics of sloan net 
shifting. He seems pretty down to earth. I would also hope that sloan net 
kids have more integrity than the ones on seba list ;) and refrain from 
the whole "lou and kath rule, you suck" syndrome. We've discussed bands 
who have members on sloan net a number of times and been pretty open (ie/ 
ledden vs. catano... hee hee) about it to this point. Why should we 
consider murder/colin a Big Brother? Sebalist SUCKS (thank god I'm off..)

Also related to murder and the exclaim article. Thank god for sloan and 
colin taking chances on stuff like stinkin rich and al tuck. :) It would 
have been so easy to just keep releasing indiepop stuff, to continue to 
foster that Halifax Sound myth...So anyway, my point here (and this is 
not to suck up to murder...duh) is if you haven't explored the entire 
murder catalogue yet, do yourself a big favor and check out the rest of 
it. Contrary to what some believe, those bands aren't making a mint, I 
believe the words used by one in the know was Thrush Hermit's CD "bombed" 
and that's why there is no vinyl version (thanks james). This is just 
very sad, considering bands like... well you know the shitty college bar 
bands .... are on their way to Bryan Adams status. 

Same thing goes for labels like Cinnamon Toast and as I've stated 
earlier, check out the bands who aren't on those labels, too. STOP buying 
junk. :)

I have a friend who is always dubbing the latest cool indie rock release 
from others and you know what? I hate him for it. It's cool to trade 
tapes and stuff and I know a lot of us aren't rich. But to do that all 
the time is just freaking lame. If you dub a tape, like it a LOT, you 
should really do the band a favor and purchase it. 

The MCA contract. I was just curious, I know sloan is worried about kids 
thinking they "sold out to the man"...so does this contract mean only MCA 
can decide where murder stuff gets distributed? Because as some of you 
know I am in a collective that is involved in distributing indie releases 
and we didn't even consider asking anyone from murder or cinnamon toast 
about stuff because we figured their distribution was already taken care 
of by people with lots more resources. We want to concentrate on bands 
who don't get any help, but now I'm feeling like there's more to this 
than what we know. Anyone have any idea on this? I just don't want to 
think they run one way when in fact it's another.

who does NOTHING for the man... heh heh... :)

 "Sloan is a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. And while Halifax is
  relatively close to the New England states, it is probably more
  easily equated to the North Pole in most Americans' minds."
                          -mark c. wieman, _front wheel drive_

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