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a rather nasty but humerous hcg review

	snagged this in a local campus rag ;) and thought it would spark 
some debate. k, story behind the reviewer - it^s actually three guys who 
write as a team. they each do a paragragh and give a tally at the end....

Hip Club Groove
Trailer Park Hip Hop

	I am addressing this directly to Hip Club Groove: who do you 
think you guys are fooling with that tough gangsta shit? YOU^RE FROM THE 
FUCKING MARITIMES!!! You guys turn out some dope beats and samples, but 
please lose the foppish attitude and start telling me about grassy hills 
and fish, thank-you.
	^This week on Rita MacNeil and friends: Ian Thomas, The Rankin 
Family, Rawlins Cross and Hip Club Groove!!!!^
	^Yeaaaaaah Booeeeeeey! We^d just like to thank our main muthafuka 
Rita for havin us on da sho,^ said the extremely young white male in 
the extremely baggy pants, just before busting into the track entitled 
^Kick em in da Face.^ Backstage, sloping quietly toward the door, Anne 
Murray hung her head. ^These guys are whack,^ she muttered and stepped 
into the cool and damp.
	Hee hee hee hoo hoo haa haa ha...these silly little boys are very 
	Tally: Craw, craw, craw.