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Re: shirts/murder profile

hey all
	thanx for thinking about us and all, but i kinda don^t think 
endearing is that desperate for coin. our little benefit went pretty well 
and all the bands played good sets and everyone went home happy :)
	if you really need a place to spend the money, how about 
subsidizing the two tara^s (is that a tolkien novel?) so we can get their 
zine^s for a quarter :)
	just in case anyone is interested there^s a rather large murder 
article in the new exclaim that mentions a new sloan 7 inch, jale ep, 
thrush hermit disc, stinkin rich tape and full length superfriendz disc. 
(i have many copies of exclaim to give to winnipeggers if anyone wants one.)

ps hey, there^s a statics mailing list up now!!!!