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CBC's jim nunn on _riot nrrrd_

the *craziest* thing happened to me after tonite's gig.
(state champs + popularity contest + preppy relatives + tim robbins experience)

i *swear* this is true.  (i'll go back and review the gig itself tomorrow
sometime.)  at the gig, catano passed me a copy of his new 'zine, _riot nrrrd_.

i had to bum a ride home off my dad 'cause the buses had stopped running
(or i would have been walking for two hours to get home).

so i'm sitting in the european food shop at the pizza corner, 
reading my issue of _riot nrrrd_, munching on my donair.
it's 1 AM.

who should i be accosted by, but CBC-TV supper hour news anchor, jim nunn.
he is just totally wasted.  glassy-eyed.

JN:  "what's that you're reading?"
JC:  "it's this 'zine that a friend of mine put out.  in part of it
      he tells how these friends wrote unkind things about another
      friend of his, and how he got caught in the middle, and how he...
JN:  "feels about that."
JC:  "yeah."
JN:  "are you a dal student?"
JC:  "yeah, i'm doing a master's in literature."
JN:  "literature.  a master's.  is that right.  i couldn't even 
      get my undergrad!"
JC:  "well, i got two of those."
JN:  "at dal?"
JC:  "no, at saint mary's."
JN:  "what in?"
JC:  "computer science and english."
JN:  "english.  now, i don't have a degree in that, but i know more
      about it than most people.  i'm a journalist, you see.  i see 
      people, all the time, who can't make a subject and verb agree.
      professional journalists."
JC:  "i believe you.  those are disappearing skills."
JN:  "'sucks.'  everything 'sucks' now.  what is that?"
JC:  "not too much nuance there, is there?"
JN:  "nope, not too much.  what's that, a donair you're eating?"
JC:  "that's right."
JN:  "is it better than pizza?"
JC:  "uh, that's kind of apples and oranges.  i like both in different ways.
      actually, the two things that i like to eat here are the donair and
      the veggie slice."
JN:  "what's that?  the vegetarian slice?"
JC:  "right.  it's not a matter of principle or anything, as you can see
      from all this meat in my donair.  i just like the taste."
JN:  "i can't believe you people.  how are you ever going to run the world?"
JC:  "i don't know if i will have much to do with running the world.
      i have enough trouble running my own life."
JN:  "yeah, i didn't think i would be having a say in how the world is
      run, either.  but now i do.  i'm a journalist, you see.  but i'm
      not very smart.  are you smart enough?  frankly, i doubt it.
      well, maybe you will be."
JC:  "maybe."
JN:  "i'm the critic, you see, the journalist.  you won't find anyone more 
      cynical than me."
JC:  "hmm."
JN:  "i've got so much to say, and nobody will listen."
JC:  "you should write."
JN:  "write?  what's the point?  everybody watches TV!  nobody reads!"
JC:  "some people still read."
JN:  "nobody reads."
JC:  "i do."
JN:  "can i have a look at that, what you're reading?"
JC:  "sure."
JN:  "riot nrrrd....  hmmm...  guitars upside down!  what is that? 
      i can't read this.  this is silly!"
JC:  "maybe you've gotta be in a silly mood."
JN:  "i don't know.  you gotta have a lot of time on your hands.
      well, maybe not.  i don't know."

the conversation gets interrupted at this point as some fan of _first edition_
addresses jim and he waxes eloquent about how billie joe maclean is a fucking 
crook, some other politician, oh, louis comeau, is a whore, and about the 
stupid motherfuckers in the government who are killing the last 3000 jobs 
remaining in cape breton by privatizing nova scotia power.

i kid you not.  all of this really happened, though i think i have
the order mixed up a bit.  anyways, i hope you all find it as 
entertaining as i did.


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