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Silliness :)

hey sloan-netters!  i totally apologize for posting such silliness,
and taking up precious mailbox space, but i just had to let you all
know what happened to me today. it's quite stupid, actually, but i've
been having a crappy day, and this totally made me laugh.  i was over
at a friend's place, and we were listening to _twice removed_.  now,
she's not that big a sloan fan, but it was the only cd i had on me, so
we put it on, and when it got to "coax me", she thought chris said
"yeah, i can't concentrate on O.J. (as in simpson!), and i think
Consolidated's okay...".  :)  tee hee!  sorry, but i find that
absolutely hilarious.  she's *convinced* that they're referring to
o.j. simpson in the song, even though i tried to tell her otherwise. 
:)  now, i love my friend dearly, and i normally don't like making fun
of people, but i just felt that this had to be shared.  :)  it really
made my day!  :)

sorry again for wasting space if you don't care, and for totally
bringing up the lyrics debate again.  :)

NiNa NiNa supah-keenah!  :)  (thanks to tara dc for makin' that one up!)

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