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Re: something i forgot about the shirts..

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995 21:01:58 -0400 you said:
>matt writes about sloan net shirt proceeds:
>>	I vote for the "Les Amis" tape, simply because the whole of Sloan
>>Net are involved, rather than 3 or 4 people (Prizewinner) or 1 person
>>(Zed). But that's not my decision. I mean, you could just as easily give
>>some to Cindy, or Steaming Toolie or Endearing Records, since they're all
>>on Sloan Net (though only 'Toolie are Easterners). Whatever.
>matt, actually there's four present and two former sloannetters
>involved with zedd recordz.  but i think you're totally right,
>and i don't know how much my opinion counts for, but i'd like
>to see any profits go to funding the LADS tape.

sorry but i strongly disagree. cuz, the only way jOn will get any paiements
from the work he's doing, is by the small profits that will be made through
the sales. i mean, he's gonna work 8 maybe 15 maybe more hours on those
shirts and then, he should give away the money because WE (SN) think he should
give it away to someone here or there? Come on! he has offer to donate
it to some sloan netter because of strong philantropic beleifs, and that, is
very sweet and nice of him, but don't take that like it was your dues or
that he owes it  to sloan net. although, he ows some part of it the the SN,
i don't think it's our biseness to tell him to give it someone over here or
over there. STOP THAT INSANITY. leave it to the one who is doing the work
to decided. because he's trying to sell them at cost as much as he can,
doen't mean it's a co-op, so forth that he has to donate it. he has offered it
because he is the nicest, not because he had to.

in quebec we have a saying (translate it, it's funny!) : " Donne a manger
a un cochon et il va chier sur ton balcon."

necromancer yAn