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Re: Maybe it doesn't matter...but

re canadian bands respect

the problem also lies in canada.  If you were to name off amazing 
canadian bands such as the watchmen, furnaceface, headstones, jale, 
eric's trip etc.  it is doubtful that the average high school student 
would recognize them all.  Music is driven down our throats and people 
want to listen to shitty music to feel cool.  I am convinced.  I have 
always considered my bitterness with the fact that the Hip are not big in 
the states.  but i think it's enough that i like them because there is 
nothing i can do.  Perhaps we should keep these amazing bands for our 
selves,  no fucking sell outs.  If bands become big do you think they'll 
ever  play 
small bars again?  Listening to their c.d.'s would not be enough for me.
Conclusion: American music industry is fucked, nothing we can do, all 
they want to hear is all-4-one, and fucking ace of base.  let them wallow 
in shittiness, i'm going to enjoy the watchmen next time they come to town.