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Maybe it doesn't matter...but

	I am going to school in the U.S. (baseball)... {from SASK}, and am 
very pissed at the fact that our Canadian bands get virtually no 
recognition as being "up to snuff" by American standards.  When I play 
bands like SLOAN, THE HIP, TEA PARTY (-the list of outstanding CANADIAN 
music is just too long)...for my friends here, they love it.  Why is it 
that popular U.S. bands can have their music played and sold in Canada, 
but only someone like Bryan Adams can in the U.S.  On SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 
last weekend, the Tragically Hip created a magic that was undescribable, 
yet no one here has heard of them.  It's criminal.  Can bands like 
SLOAN, have videos on MTV, or is there some communist law against 
them...maybe they are afraid our bands would rule their airwaves, truly 
showing that the north creates the best music around.  I guess it doesn't 
really matter what the U.S. thinks...but the increased revenue for 
Canadian bands can only be a benefit.

			Any insight?