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Re: _____ _____ Experience

happy-teeth <mnelson\!/is.dal.ca> explained:

}The Tim Robbins Experience (T.R.E.) is named after a maritimer.  
}Tim Robbins was a student and an ok kinda guy who went to Halifax 
}West High School a few years ago.  He grew up in bridgeview, a suburb, 
}quite close to where my grandmother lives.  We went to the same 
}elementary school.  We also played on the same house league team at the 
}centennial arena.  I think the t.r.e. were named before the actor who 
}shares the name started getting plum roles.  

Well, I dunno what you call Plum(tree) roles but a very young Mr. Robbins 
played _Bonnie and Clyde_'s driver, well over 10 years ago.  I suspect he 
was making movies when you were in elementary school.  But he wasn't 
making Robert Altman movies, so that's perhaps the difference.  Maybe we 
need the Robert Altman Experience??

}if i was to start a similarly named band, i'd call it:  
}The Jim Nunn Experience

Skitterish seals?? :)

I'm surprised we don't have the Lou Barlow Experience

Joel Plaskett's new band should be called the Lando Calrissian Experience 
(slightly inside joke) Monsieur Raymond should play in the Han Solo 
Experience (similarly inside joke)

I could go on, but I'll get in trouble, or maybe even start a pointless 
thread <gasp>