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Re: _____ _____ Experience

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Joe Clark wrote:
> >Tim Robbins Experience
> As a longtime fan of Mr. Robbins (ever notice that in EACH of his movies he
> play someone who mumbles?), let me just say how peachy that band name is.
> There's a wee bit of a trend to name bands after some person + the word
> "Experience," isn't there? Jean-Paul Sartre Experience from New Zealand,
> Dame Edna Experience (whoops, that's a TV show).

The Tim Robbins Experience (T.R.E.) is named after a maritimer.  

Tim Robbins was a student and an ok kinda guy who went to Halifax 
West High School a few years ago.  He grew up in bridgeview, a suburb, 
quite close to where my grandmother lives.  We went to the same 
elementary school.  We also played on the same house league team at the 
centennial arena.  I think the t.r.e. were named before the actor who 
shares the name started getting plum roles.  

if i was to start a similarly named band, i'd call it:  

The Jim Nunn Experience

Mike n.