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Thanks for the info

Just a quick note to thank those who were kind enough to provide info about
the cool spots in Halifax. We had a great weekend, saw some great bands and
found some nice music and reading material.

James' article in AP is a very useful bundle of info for you other
out-of-towners. I was most impressed when I saw the professional sign
quoting the the article hanging in front of Frog Hollow Books (which is
great bookstore).

I was a bit disappointed with Taz (seemed to have a lot less than the old
store on Dresden Row) and Dischord. It made me realise how much I take the
local Indie Store (Backstreets Records - highly reccommended) for granted.
Did find some nice stuff at Barrington Street Sams, including Elevator To
Hell on Friday.

What did Birdland used to be called? Back before Brunswick Hall, like 10
years ago. I can remember going there to see Martha Reeves (sans Vandellas)
and 39 Steps, (not on the same night) who were pretty suckular but had just
made a movie with Woodie Allen. There was never more than about 25 people in
the place any of the dozen or so times that I went.