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come see us!

I don't know if anyones interested but we (popularity contest) are playing 
a show with some really good bands this Thursday.  The other bands are:
Preppy Relatives
Essen (probably)
State Champs
Tim Robbins Experience.
The show is at the Khyber on Barrington street and is licensed but I 
don't think they check ids too much.  They are too desperate to make a 
little money.  The kyhber is an amazing place and we really should try to 
support it, as well as the show being good.

By the way, I noticed something that really made me feel bad downtown 
yesterday.  On the board in the window at Cafe Ole I saw a band listed 
called "Date Rap".  I cant understand why the guy who runs that place 
feels like its acceptable to have that band advertised so fucking 
prominently.  I cant imagine that the girls and women who go there as part 
of their social scene will feel safe there at all with that kind of 
tolerance of physical threats against them.  I'm sure lots of people will 
say I'm overreacting and that its just a band name.  The fact is its not.  
Its something that those girls will feel like is part of what it means to 
be cool.  If they don't get it, if they feel threatened by it, its because 
they are not cool enough.  If they let it go then the boys who called 
their band "Date Rap" think its fine and that they will never meet any 
resistance.  It seems very fucked up to me.