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wwild & wacky weekend :)

hi all you wonderful kids :)

just to let you know, there's some pretty cool stuff happening this weekend!
firstoff, sloan's toronto show will be aired on CBC radio this saturday,
april fool's day. :) [does this mean they think that sloan are fools?] ;)
so tune in for the Hot Ticket! (8:00pm eastern i think i dunno...) ??

speaking of fools once more, ;) li'l orton hogget will be featured on
mucheast this sunday!! make sure you watch, 'kay?! thats 9:00pm eastern...

gonna be goodtimes :)

and this just goes to show, that everywhere you look, you will find criss
smurphy ;)

love, pippilotta longstocking, la freakaine poissonqure
;) ;)

'does this mean you think i'm cheesy?!' -criss smurphy...;)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom