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james on da radio

Here is what I transcribed for tara dc...

Patti "my guest from halifax is james covey and we're still talking about 
halifax. um, there is going to be ... one of the sloan net people is 
going to be putting together an ambitious little compilation, a sort of 
tribute to the band, right?"

James "that's right ;)"

Patti "so what do you know about it already?"

James "well this is sort of engineered by the two Tara's who between them 
have pretty much energized sloan net lately and they're lots of fun and 
they both have sloan zines...see there's Tara Da Costa in Ottawa (james 
and patti both giggle a lot) who has like the zine called ffiction 
and then there's Tara Lee Wittchen in Calgary who has the zine called
Joey Joey...they're both sloan fanzines."

Patti "have you seen them?"

James "oh yeah, I've got you know all the issues of both actually. 
They're really fun. They really are. Highly recommended."

Patti "yeah?"

James "and between them they're putting together this project, sort of a 
tribute to the band um...maybe this sort of started because they thought 
sloan was gonna break up so this was like you know i dunno.."

Patti "a big hurrah for them or something"

James "yeah, exactly. But then maybe they won't break up, I dunno. But 
basically all the bands that are subscribed to sloan net are sort of being 
invited to send in submissions and they are gonna compile them on a 
cassette and put it out."

Patti "well, the assumption is that all the bands that are on sloan net I 
guess are fans of sloan."

James "Yeah, exactly. Exactly."

Patti "except for spine"

James "yeah yeah. That's right. Yep. Well one member of spine actually 
came in on one of the projects even though he really doesn't like sloan. 
So that was kind of bizarre exactly."

Patti "and?"

James "And...um...well uh..the band's called curmudgeon, named after one 
of spine's songs. Um, and uh they completely ripped up pillowfight 

Patti "now did you happen to have anything to do with that, James?"

James "uh well actually I sang lead vocals. I'm really bad, but I do a 
convincing scream."

Patti "So who else is gonna do stuff for this compilation?"

James "State champs, a really good local indie band..I guess uh, one of 
the Tara's, Tara Lee Wittchen in Calgary, actually managed to convince Lou 
Barlow at a Sebadoh gig to sing some of underwhelmed into her tape recorder."

Patti "Really? did she have to hold up the lyrics as cue cards or 
anything? Or did he know it?"

James "No, he knew it!"

Patti "how bizarre!"

James "yeah, so she's gonna try to get Lou's permission to use the 30 
seconds on the tape. And um, maybe there'll be...I think there's gonna be 
a contribution from Cindy in Toronto and I guess about 18 bands so far."

Patti "Oh my god. this is gonna be too long for a cassette."

James "It might be but then again everyone's so slack that maybe half the 
submissions will get in or something, I dunno."

Patti "well, why don't you guys go and approach sloan and try to get 
murder to put it out?"

(much giggling)

James "well, they've got the blessing of chris murphy actually and there 
might be some kind of submission in the works but um, I think they're 
putting it out on their own Redrum Records, see?"

Patti "Ok"

James "see this is the...redrum? murder backwards?"

Patti "yeah. I get it."

James "ok ok..."

check ya,
tara lee

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