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On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, Philip Anthony Vanulden wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, I think that I am going to vomit. wrote:
> > Yes, it is true that Potmaster have only been around for a while, but I 
> > remember a band that went by the name of PotBELLY, with similar music. 
> > Coincedence? I think not. Do some research.
> Listen you weiner, PotBelly was in the hole after putting out Glid and 
> still might be for all I know. Maybe you should do some research.
> Fil
Once again Fil, you are the one needing to do the research. Potbelly was 
not in debt after releasing GLID. We were however in debt after touring.
And as far as the history of Potmaster, I think the fact that some of us 
were in Potbelly does have relevancy in this arguement. Also, we DO have 
disribution for the Potmaster CD, so once again you need to keep up your 
research. Also we are only releasing 500 CD's of the Potmaster album with 
cassettes to follow if sales are up to BDR's expectations. We are also 
applying for funding to promote the album which if achieved will 
hopefully sell a few more copies. Also, 180 copies isn't much to sell, we 
sold over 200 Potbelly cassettes locally, and everyone knows that 
cassettes don't sell as well as CD'. Bringing the Liz Band and Bung into 
your arguement in that previous post is a bit sketchy too. The Liz band 
has no distribution for their CD, and both Bung And Liz pressed 1000 CD's
and I believe 500 casssettes, both had funding for the production of their 
albums. No advertising or major touring has occurred in support of these 
albums, so it's no big suprise that they haven't sold a lot outside of 
Newfoundland. With the funding we are applying for for the Potmaster 
album we would be able to afford advertising in National publications and 
would have some money to support a tour to promote the album as well.
Also on the heirarchy of BDR, from day 1 all bands were told that they 
would recieve no money back from profits made by Danger: Falling Rock. 
You were also never told that you would have anything to do with the 
running of Best Dressed records. We set up the label. We do the work. We 
never implied that this was a co-operative project. You were told what 
was expected of you if you wished to appear on the comp. and by 
participating conveyed your agreement to the situation.
I'm really sorry if you thought this was some sort of Co-op but we never 
said anything about that. 
Best Dressed Records is a local label, which has and will continue to 
support local bands. We apologize if you disagree with the way we work 
but we are committed to supporting the local scene. We have approached 
another band in the past, with an offer to help them release something 
but I recently heard that they weren't interested. We intend to have at 
least one if not two more releases this year. Stay tuned we are not going 
Love HUB.
p.s. I hope I don't get kicked in the balls next time I go to Halifax.