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Re: No Juno for Sloan :(

Rockers around the world...

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, Nina Riihiaho wrote:

> Michael Graham writes:
> > 
> > what was Jay doing on the Junos anyway?
> He presented an award with Jann Arden...i can't remember what for.  

Oh, Nina, dear, :) he was so giddy and for a good reason! He got to give 
out the songwriter award to ... "cha cha cha" Neil Young! :)

I bet he was pretty excited...although not as excited as he would have 
been were it Springsteen he was announcing as the winner...right?? :)

By the way...how come no one on this list posted a msg about Jay being on 
the Juno's? I *never* watch award shows and I wasn't about to watch the 
entire show, just stick a tape in and hope to get the  Alt. category 
bit...was Jay's appearance totally unannounced or what?

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