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The DiY List #12

Hey kids, I just thought that I would forward you this incredible
zine.  The guy who runs it is Bryan Baker and he lives in Salt Lake
City.  He is a great guy and I thought that all you band geeks out
there (there are many) would like this.  So just e-mail Gajoob\!/utw.com
with a request to subscribe and you will get this great e-zine about
every month.  send him tapes too, he gave us (steaming toolie) an
amazing review.  later, jon
------------------------------- Original Message -------------------------------
The DiY List
Issue #12
March 25, 1995

A listing of DiY recording information, distributed freely over the
internet 2-3 times monthly (barring personal distress). Your input is
encouraged. Please send any relevent info of interest to  DiY recording
artists. There is no list server for this list, so there is no need to
follow any specific guidelines when subscribing or unsubscribing -- just
send e-mail to either effect.

DiY submissions are welcome! Send cassettes, vinyl, CDs, VHS and 8mm video to:

PO Box 3201
Salt Lake City, Utah 84110

Most releases received are reviewed within one month.

The DiY List is published electronically in conjunction with gajoobzine
which is published in a paper edition, the format of which is currently
under revision (again), to account for the success of this list.

The DiY List is not copyrighted and may be freely distributed in any
format. Just let me know about it, please. Contributed articles  do,
however, remain the copyright of their respective authors and permission to
reproduce these articles  in any form should be requested and respected.

Please send all electronic communication to:

Bryan Baker


Sorry for the time lapse between issues. Unfortunately, the compiling of
this list tends to take a backseat to job and family and it was the
job-front that reared it's ugly head this month. The staff where I work was
cut in half (fortunately I wasn't in the half that got cut) and I've had to
put in some serious 100-hour work weeks in order to keep up with the
workload. This pace should be easing up in a few weeks because the powers
that be have come to their senses and will be adding staff back, however, I
will be going in to have my tonsils removed April 7th. This means that I
will be feigning serious incapacitation and milking all the sympathy I can
from anyone and everyone, or that I will actually be able to sit down and
get some work done on the new gajoob. I'm hoping I can manage both. Wish me

The first post - DiY List issue of gajoob is now being assembled on the
desktop. The first issue will contain elements from the past 12 issues of
this list, plus elements of the now infamous gajoob#10. Also under serious
consideration is the possibility of including a compilation CD of DiY
recordings with the new issue. I could use some help in this and would
appreciate it if all of you with CD-production experience would provide me
with references and first-hand do's and dont's. (I've collected a few of
these already, but I'm sure there is plenty more info to be had out there
among you).

What I'd like to produce is a series of zine/CD packages that reflect the
diversity and enormous breadth of creative work (and sometimes just sheer
lunacy for a lunatic's sake) that is going on all over the world on a
do-it-yourself basis. I welcome your comments and suggestions because,
while I've released a varied set of cassette compilations in conjunction
with gajoob, CD production is all new to me. Initial questions include:

Do I need a DAT master from each artist?

If you were asked to be included on this CD, could you provide a DAT master?

What sort of compensation is standard for artists on this type of
compilation (this will NOT be one of those co-op CD's that are springing up
all over that purport to be the latest and greatest way to peddle your

How many of you readers would be interested in purchasing such a thing and
how much should I charge?

How often would you like to see an issue of this zine/CD package and would
you subscribe to such a thing and how much would you pay for a

What sort of outlets would like to see carry this?

Comments...  Suggestions...

You see, I need your help in making this idea representative of DiY
recording activity and I believe gajoob is in the unique position of being
able to do just that and that a lot of people would find this very
valuable. I feel very lucky to have been exposed to these recordings and
the people who create them over the past 7-8 years and I know that I have
grown as an artist myself from having experienced this amazing body of
creative work coming from the world of DiY recording. And I think making
such a thing available to everyone who reads gajoob would be the greatest
thing in the world.... What do you think?


Thanks to all of you who wrote with concern over my recent bout with the
latest viral fashions. I appreciate your concern. Now let me hear some


MAKING MOVIES is looking for composers/musicians to write music for films
that they are currently developing on the net. "We'd like to be able to
offer music samples off our pages, along with the storyboard pictures, and
the script. Have a look at our pages and get in touch." [Greg;
admin\!/makingmovies.com; http://www.makingmovies.com/tallent/]

THE QUEENS' ROYAL PARCHMENT is a fanzine dedicated to showcasing and
promoting new and unsigned bands from all over the world. Each issue will
include: domo and show reviews, interviews, tour dates, fan clubs and
support teams, polls and surveys, photographs, art, poetry, literature,
club reviews, and directories, advice (both personal and professional), and
whatever anyone can think of. They're working on the premiere issue at the
moment and need contributing writers, photographers, artists and bands.
"Everyone please get in touch soon! Each and every issue will be shipped
off to record companies in search of new talent as well as the 10,000
potential readers that we already have just waiting for our first issue!"
Inquiries can be e-mailed to KarynJenn2\!/aol.com. Send letters, material,
and press kits to: Jenn Capobianco, 143-19 Willets Pt. Blvd., Whitestone,
NY 11357, USA or Karyn Colletta, 72-33 Cooper Ave., Glendale, NY 11385,

location. Now it can be found at.
<URL:href="http://www.echonyc.com/~mvidal/Indi-Film+Video.html> The
Independent Filmmakers Internet Resource Guide is a hypertext reference
work to resources for the independent film and video community.

STEVE BOSWELL of ATOMIC RECORDS has posted a tab-delimited file of 833
independent radio stations and contact information. It can be found at
<ftp://primus.com/pub/atomrec/indie-db-tab.gz>.The tab-delimited fields are
name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, WWW address, and comments. (Most of the
names are simply "Music Director".)

SUPERGRASS ENTERTAINMENT is now accepting demos with photo and voice
contact number from bands with the feel of: Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Pete
Droge, Jayhawks, Tom Petty, Neil Young or Beck. For consideration mail to:
Supergrass Enetertainment, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd. #523, West Hollywood, CA
90046; e-mail: supergrass\!/aol.com.

LISA SUCKDOG ENTHUSIASTS: For a good time send $3 to PO Box 2602,
Winchester, VA 22604, USA to receive the "GENERATION XL: In Love With Lisa
Suckdog" tribute cassette. "12 bands perform the Suckdog songs we all grew
up with. Includes brief introduction by Lisa herself!"

JUST IN CASE is looking for more bands. "we need more demos to sell. we
need more distributers. we need more zines. we need more clothes. we need
more labels to work with. we need more punk. we need more hardcore. we need
more ska. we need more oi. we need people intersted in buying ad space
(CHEAP!). we need more shit in general. we need your help. send submissions
or send ONE DOLLAR OR three 32America Online stamps for the 28 or so page
catalog to: JUST IN CASE, PO BOX 944, CANTON, CT, 06019-0944, usa; email:
JICsince1991\!/delphi.com or mikexjic\!/pcnet.com; phone: 203-693-0467

RHUBARB PRODUCTIONS sells t-shirts, music and zines.. If you would like
them to sell your stuff (music or zine) they would like to hear from you.
We sell T-shirts.We sell music. We distribute zines. [Rhubarb Productions,
PO Box 30326, Philadelphia PA 19103; e-mail: st94f2zw\!/post.drexel.edu]

BASELINE SMORGASBORD specializes in online order sales of indies, imports,
and collectables/Out Of Print (CD/CASS/RECORD). They're located in Santa
Cruz, CA - [4o8]475-1834 - 14400.N81 - SysOp Daniel Duerr. NOTE: All Orders
are made ONLINE. The only part that actually involves "mail" is the
shipping of the product to your doorstep. [Daniel Duerr - Baseline Records;
EMAIL: drspam\!/ico.com; BBS: (408)475-1834]

NEITHER/NEITHER WORLD, a band based in San Francisco, offers information on
new releases. Send SASE to: Neither/Neither World, 1072 Folsom Street #388,
San Francisco, Ca 94103, USA.

THE VOODOO HIGHWAY publishes contact info for music-related zines. If you
do one, send your info in (include if you review music and your
circulation). And if you're interested in the info, get a copy. Circulation
5000. [Jay Greenwald, Publisher/Editor, P.O. Box 924179, Miami,
Fla.33092-4179; e-mail: vhwy\!/gate.net]

MINDSL\!/M is giving away its fourteen-song CD called "mayday". "We think
it's great. And we can only afford to give away 100 of them through this
forum. What does it sound like?  Erm, if you crossed Jawbreaker and
Pennywise, and produced it like a Superchunk record, you'd be in the
ballpark. I hate dropping names, but if you hate those bands, please don't
bother responding to this... We will obviously need your snail-mail
address. (Please be from the USA, because we can afford the postage. Or
email us for further instructions.) [slim\!/cmn8.Stanford.EDU]

NG RECORDS wants your stuff. Send all your materials to: NG Records, 622
Broadway, Room 4B, New York, NY 10012; e-mail: THOWELL3\!/aol.com.

SILVERPUNK is a cassettezine that is looking for contributions in the form
of voice messages to its phone number. Just call their voice mail at (614)
341-7577 and leave any message to contribute to the zine. This edition's
topic is the selling off of the underground. "Do you think that this is
even happening? what? What? WHAT!? just call and voice your opinion!
Contribute your views and talk about virtually anything else. Leave your
spoken message to the world that could be used on the SILVERPUNK cassette
zine." You can also advertise anything you want, yourself, your zine, your
band, etc. "Just call and make sure you... SPEAK YOUR AD LIKE A RADIO AD
(just like you want it to be heard.) (614) 341-7577. Note: do not respond
in any other fashion than by voice  mail to this message. This is a regular
call, long distance charges may apply.

HOWARD A. YOST VENTURES is seeking musical submissions for a new proposed
national/international syndicated radio project. They are accepting new
music of all catagories. Recordings can be submitted on cassette, C.D., or
DAT (44,1kHz). Include composer(s) info, musician(s) info, and any promo /
press info available. Include self addressed stamped envelope!!!! Send to:
HOWARD A. YOST VENTURES, Radio Division, 1910 Riverbend Pkwy., Fremont,
Ohio 43420.

TEENAGE CRIME is giving away their debut cassette. "Influences: power pop,
punk, rock. style: trash-pop. We are also interested in sharing a CD or 12"
with another band; a spring break tour. Any bands interested in playing a
free outdoor show on campus in Colorado to hundreds of alternative music
lovers, send e-mail also;  tables will be available for mailing lists,
merchandise sales, etc.[Der\!/ix.netcom.com (Derek A. Chilcote)]

ANA KRAVITZ has just finished recording a 19-song, 30-min tape on her
4-track. "It is guitar based, with female vocals, influenced by bands like
sentridoh and butterglory at times. and, ive been told i sound somewhat
like liz phair, for better or worse....im calling it cane." If you would
like to order a copy send $2 and 2 $.29 stamps to: Ana Kravitz, 162 Cherry
St., Katonah, NY 10536; e-mail: orpheus\!/cloud9.net.

CUT RADIO is specialty Rock Radio show heard each Saturday night on WGLF
104.1fm from Tallahassee, Florida. WGLF is rated in the top 15 FM ROCK
stations in the USA. An established 100,000 watt leader, the signal covers
north Florida and  the coast, SE Georgia including Valdosta to Macon, all
the way over to Alabama. WGLF is also a reporting station. One aspect of
CUT RADIO is to expose unsigned bands to the public and record lables.
Independant lables are receiving play such as ZERO HOUR RECORDS with 22
Brides, The Black Watch and Kittywinder and RACER RECORDS with Wonderboy
and Big Umbrella. The show covers the rock genre so it's open to your
original rock music (DAT or CD at this time) ... if you only have a
cassette album, EP or single you may submit it for an audition and they'll
get back with you about getting a master of particular songs for airplay.
Rock, Alternative, NIN-style Industrial. Progressive, Metal and related
forms of rock are encouraged. "Independently produced tapes are welcome!"
They also do on air interviews... "I have had bands from They Might Be
Giants to 22 Brides to Ween to locals on to promote their music. It's a lot
of fun but a lot of work finding great new music to play. The audience is
hungry so send yer stuff... " [Tony Rollo, Producer / Host of CUT RADIO at
WGLF (904)878-1104  fax (904)878-1070]

FROG PEAK MUSIC is a composers' collective devoted to the production,
distribution and availability of experimental work. The group publishes
scores, recordings, innovative music software and books on speculative
music theory. they also distribute artist-produced reocrdings, scores and
writings. New CD's from Frog Peak include works from Martin Bartless, Larry
Polansky, Ivor Darreg, Daniel Goode, Clive Wilkinson, and Richard Lerman.
[Box 5036, Hanover, NH 03755 USA; e-mail: larry.polansky\!/dartmouth.edu]

BUD COLLINS is playing more nights a month than not in the CT-MA-PA-NY
areas. Write to be included on their mailing list and get a regular update
on their activities. A t-shirt and CD are available. The band plays a
unique mix of progressive, reggae and pop that is highly recommended to
those of you who enjoy those sorts of things. [PO Box 120, Stoors, CT
06268; phone: 203-586-1174]

DINO DIMURO is getting close to releasing his first CD entitled "The Simple
Chance of Life." He sent along a pre- final mixdown of side one that is a
real DiMurofest. Complex structures, along with DiMuro's characteristic
quirkiness (combine banjo and a thrash riff? why not?) with that unique
Dino charm and every musical style imaginable thrown together and working
just right. I'm excited to hear the finished product! [DiMurotapes, 3359
Hollydale Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112; e-mail: recordings\!/aol.com] p.s.
Dino and his wife are expecting a baby in October, so be one of the first
to wish them all well.

ERNST RECORDINGS is currently compiling "Sleeptalk," a project where people
record someone talking in their sleep or reciting a dream experience onto a
cassette of any length and send them in for inclusion in a large scale
collage piece. Also in the works is an international compilation that deals
with the abuse of technology with submissions between 2-6 minutes long.
Tentative deadlines for both projects is late March, so get in contact
ASAP. (Ernst Recordings, SMU Box 752667, Dallas, TX 75275]

METAL BLADE RECORDS is the home of Grip, Inc., a new band that includes
former Slayer member Dave Lombardo. Their debut album is slated for a march
release and it's called "Power of Inner Strength." The band will also tour
in support of the album. [Metal Blade Records, 2345 Erringer Rd. #108, Simi
Valley, CA 93065; e-mail: mtlbldrcds\!/aol.com]

PROPULSION, the label of the wonderful "TESTicular PRESSing" tapezine among
other things, has announced the re-release of music from the bands ISM and
The Six & Violence. Two past tape-only releases are now available on CD --
"Goofcore discs by two of the most sophomoric, inimitable, hardcore bands
of the 80's." It's amazing what they can do these days. [Propulsion, PO Box
740621, Rego Park, NY 11374]

NONSEQUITUR was founded in 1989 as a non-profit, musican-run organization
devoted to the documentation, publication and dissemination of the sonic
arts. It acts as an umbrella for two main projects: The Aerial, an ongoing
series of compilations (available on CD or cassette with booklet)
presenting a broad spectrum of experimental music, audio and language art
from around the world; and What Next Recordings. Available is music by
Alsion Knowles, Peter Garland, and more. Books available include Robin
James' Cassette Mythos book documenting cassette culture. Please note that
Nonsequitur is not a music distributor, nor do they accept unsolicited
recordings. Write for a free catalog that is loaded with some very
exceptional music and other things. [PO Box 344, Albuquerque, NM 87103,
USA; phone: (U.S. & Canada) 800-949-8404, elsewhere 505-254-9145]

INK HEAD carries music, t-shirts, stickers from the band 16 Volt, which
looks to be centered in a noise/beat kinda vein (judging only from the
graphics on their mailer, mind you). There are some compilations featuring
their music available at this address as well, plus a video coming this
Summer. You can also check them out in the March issue of Alternative
Press. [625 SW 10th Ave. #244, Portland, OR 97205]

BBH SOFTWARE distributes a TV station database (IBM/MS DOS only) with which
you can obtain information and print mailing labels for over 1500 U.S. TV
stations. Searches on calls, channel, UHF/VHF, network, commercial status,
city/state markets and more. Includes quarterly updates. A radio station
version is also available. [BBH Software, 15072 E. Mississippi Ave. #33,
Aurora, CO 80012; phone for info: 303-592-3780]

AMERICAN RECORDINGS announces tour dates for God Lives Underwater in
support of their recently released self-titled EP which was recorded by the
duo exclusively employing the Macintosh Vision system. [American
Recordings, 3500 W. Olive Ave. #1550, Burbank, CA 91505]

INTERESTING is a zine with the purpose of publishing anything the editor
finds interesting. This issue includes lists of widely varied content
(statistics on children to caffeine content in various items), interesting
quotes, articles on a variety of topics from spontaneous human combustion
to how Elvis Presley's Graceland got its name. Also letters the editor as
written is support of the organization, Medical Accuracy in Media to
various television producers (and the feedback -- or the lack thereof --
he has received from them). Sample issue is $3.00. [PO Box 1069, Bangor, ME

DiY (and select independent label) RELEASES

[*****] Classic, must-have
[****] Outstanding
[***] Good stuff, but possibly unexceptional
[**] Flawed but not without merit
[*] Don't bother
[ ] Feeling masochistic?

Total Reviews: 21; Average rating: 3.57

A Kép / The Picture [***]
Hypnotic, minimalistic loops that sound guitar-originated, but it's
uncertain. Hideg Roncs create an netherworld of undergrowth that envelopes
you. [cassette; Rácz Mihály, Budapest, XIII.u.35, 1172-HUNGARY]

Chris Sizemore
free sound [***1/2]
Sizemore self-financed the making of a thousand copies of this tape of
found sound collage pieces, each with a sort of theme and has been handing
them out to anyone who'll listen. Limited edition, full-color printed cover
conveys an anti-media message and much of the tape inside expounds on that
as well - a common take for collage artists. Some of the pieces tend to go
a little too long, yet still manage to maintain focus. Highlights include a
piece which collects various classic guitar riffs and couples them sexual
juxtaposition. [cassette; $1 ppd. or free with trade; Chris Sizemore, 1062
Hampshire, San Francisco, CA 94110]

Cage/Foo [***]
A split 7" with Foo giving us an extremely souped-up funk/grunge workout
and Cage comes up with an eerie, raw, punked-out Doors-ish kind of number.
[split "7 vinyl; $3 US, $4 elsewhere; Bright Green Records, PO Box 24,
Bradley, IL 60915

The Rails
Happy Summer [****]
The second release by this two-man band, "Happy Summer," like 1992's
"Wonderful" was recorded in a livingroom. And while this release continues
pretty much in the vein established by their previous release, "Happy
Summer" is a much better record with songs that should be destined to
become important to people. The music here is crafted with guitars and
vocal harmonies, rich with melody, and plays beautiful with a perfect
musical sense. While there isn't a power chord to found here, The Rails
play emotions with intricate phrasings that will keep take you in right
from the start, never looking back. And Wilhelm's songs (all but two are
written by Wilhelm) are moving, often introspective yet willing to tackle
real-life issues such as family break-ups, etc. The team of Wilhelm and
multi-instrumentalist Richard Pearce have created a  keeper here; a
collection of songs I'll be returning to for a long time to come. [CD; Grab
Bag Records, PO Box 3637, Santa Clara, CA 95055-3637]

Armageddon Dildos
Lost [***1/2)
The second U.S. full-album release by this German duo (Uwe Kanka on vocals,
Dirk Krause on synthesizers) is produced and engineered by Keith Auerbach
(Ministry, Lard, Revolting Cocks).  It's a fast-paced, buzzing blend of
rapid-fire synth sequencing and fuzzed-out, overdriven guitar (Mat Mitchel
of the Skatenigs guests). [CD; Warner Bros. Records, 3300 Warner Blvd.,
Burbank, CA 91505-4694]

15th Anniversary Tour [***1/2]
Disarray rented a hall and put on an evidentally great show. The music here
is definitely in the garage punk-rock vein, with strong elements of melodic
hard rock (many keepers here). The sound is quite good and the live
recording adds an unmistakeable energy that makes sure a good time is had
by all. This 15th Anniversary show is perfect testement to this band's love
of just playing the music. [cassette, Larry Boyd, PO Box 4016, Plymouth
Center, MA 02361]

Cracker Gasoline Party [***]
Very cool collection of hip-hop cut with guitar riffs and punctuated with
in-your-face vocals and diverse approaches (try to imagine the Sex Pistols
and ZZ Top together at last with a kitchen sink conglomeration of polka,
disco, hee haw and more). Definitely not a one-song band! While the mix is
mostly good throughout, the tape sounds muddy (so turn it up). [cassette;
$4.00; CDC Communications, PO Box 53011, Lubbock, TX 79453; e-mail:

Various Artists
Repercussion #3 [****]
The third tape in an angoing serious of compilation devoted to percussion,
and this series continues to bring us all kinds. One of things I like most
about this series that I get a chance to hear artists whose work is
familiar to me, making sounds that they might not make on their own. In
other words, this series opens up some new creative roads for a lot of
people. Besides that, there's some really great stuff here: The Miracle,
Jacky Ligon & Duke Andrews, Triptic of a Pastel Fern, Ed Ziffle, Peter &
John Hinds, Nux Vomica, L.G. Mair, Jr., David Barnes, Kirchenkampf, rOTTEN
211, John Ciecel, John Herron, Amscray Amok, Mike Hovancsek & Paul
Guerguerian, China White, Jon Gillespie, Hauz, Okaniwa Fumihiro, Big City
Orchestra, Bryan Kieser and Spilling Audio's very own Eric Hausman is
various incarnations. [cassette; Spilling Audio, 9856 Havenwood Court,
Jacksonville, FL 32257; e-mail: junkspill\!/aol.com]

Bat Lenny
March of the Small Ones [****]
Bat Lenny once again offers up a mix of sounds on tape that pretty much
defies description. Elements of rock, space music, e-music, collage, etc.,
are here, but no one genre really defines the whole. Influences include The
Residents, eta l. Exactly the sort of stuff that captures my imagination if
only by the sheer beauty of suprise. But don't think this is just a
mish-mash of sonic serrendipity without substance - - the tape is filled
with little sonic gems that make it a must-have. [cassette; Tim Id
Productions, PO Box 47474, Minneapolis, MN  55447]

Various Artists
A Tapeworm's Guide to Home Taping, Vol. 1 [*****]
Released in 1991, this is an excellent tape of a radio broadcast featuring
the songs and voices from the hometaping underground. Words of wisdom,
along with incites [sic] into the recording process, all together with some
great sounds. [cassette; Tim Id Productions, PO Box 47474, Minneapolis, MN

Janice Shelton
Mistakist [***]
For serious folk music lovers, singer/songwriter Janice Shelton infuses her
music with the life of the outdoors. The title cut features Shelton singing
in the Native American Blackfoot language. The tape is rounded out withboth
Irish and contemporary styles played with simplicity and a loving ear for
harmony. [cassette; $11.50; Sokapi Productions; PO Box 324, Ligonier, PA

Flesh [*1/2]
Flesh mixes a heavy, quasi-grunge attack with hard rock melody and some
funk grooves to come up with a sound that many people compare with Extreme.
I guess it's not merely circumstance that lead singer Paulo Bettencourt is
Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt's brother and that Nuno handled the
production chores on this one and that Nuno started his own label and mde
this its first release. Actually, I'm not too familiar with Extreme, but
geez, everybody from the Marketing rep to every piece of PR I'm holding in
my grubby little hands goes out of its way to compare Flesh to Extreme
(either by saying so or denying so). Anyway, the stuff here is not bad.
It's got some punch in a few key places. And it may be somewhat of a unique
approach for music with definite Christian themes. But this is another
example of an album in which the first cut is a real winner, but the rest
of the album sort of flakes out. By the time you get to the last song it
just ends with a  limp prayer (that seems to go on way too long). I'm
guessing you can chalk this one's flaws up to a case of too many people too
close to the band having too much control. [AIM Marketing, 105 White Oak
Lane, Old Bridge, NJ 08857-1945]

Greg Kihn
Mutiny [* to *****]
Greg Kihn started out playing the coffeehouse scene along the east coast,
as well as spending a year playing in Europe, mostly Amsterdam. This album
finds him exploring his roots a bit more obviously than in the past (you
remember his hits, I'm sure). Styles touched on here include the story folk
of the self-penned "Mutiny" and Elliot Murphy's "Anastasia," the pop of Lou
Reed's "Femme Fatale," the Delta blues of the Temptations' "I Wish It Would
Rain," and the straightforward country of Kihn's own "Shot In the Dark."
The album is a mixture of classics and originals which comes off as a mixed
blessing -- while it's nice to have the variety it translates into a
disjointed affair. "Shot In the Dark," is especially out of place here
(embarrassing). As it is, the album is actually three albums tossed
together: a Greg Kihn yuppie modern folk protest album, a bad country
wanna-be album mixed with filler, and a great salute to Kihn's roots. I
still recommend this CD, if only to experience the latter element of this
album. It's got some great songs and Kihn is more than up to the task of
doing them all right. From Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" to Buddy
Holly's "Not Fade Away. [CD; The Creative Service Company, 4360 Emerald
Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80918]

Come Out Come Out [****1/2]
The second release from "Canada's favourite rock'n'roll girls" is sure to
land in he hearts of a lot of people. Straightforward, devil-may-care, raw
guitar rock that will have you conjuring up the best of Go-Go's with all
the energy you could possibly hope in a 3-minute rock gem. And this here
slab of numbers is plum chock full of 'em. [CD; Mint Records, #699-810 West
Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4C9, CANADA]

Rich Arithmetic
Sleep In a Wigwam [*****]
Stop whatever you're doing right now and somehow, anyhow get this new CD.
Really... What does it sound like, you ask? Well, let's see... Influences
appear to be bands like the Beatles, Squeeze, XTC, Brian Wilson. If you're
getting the impression that Rich Arithmetic is a pop band, you'd be right;
however, Rich Arithmetic is really, more or less, the efforts of one
person, aka Rich Horton. And to have such perfect pop sense wrapped up in
one person is a real wonder to behold. And to have it all encapsuled on
one, tiny,  shiny disc that any one of you can simply write and find out
how to get your very own, well... just do it, man. Riffs galore, hooks
galore, harmonies galore. Yes, I will join the growing throng who are
praising this album as the classic it deserves to be. [CD; Optional Art, PO
Box 22691, Seattle, WA 98122-0691]

You and Me [****1/2]
This single has a different sort of sound from the current crop of girl
groups. The three songs here display a really varied sound. "You and Me" is
a beautiful lo-fi pop song with fragile harmonies. "Broken" has an ominous,
lurching, vibrating kind of guitar whipping in and out. "Jacked-Up Nova"
couples bubble-gum hooks with punk sensibilities. Really cool.
vinyl [Roadrunner/Third Mind, 536 Broadway, 4th Fl., New York, NY 10012]

Third Age
Natural Law [****]
Third Age has a big, full sounding punk/metal sound. Singer Chad Brow has a
strong voice that's effective in shouting out about things like natural
law, a victim's fear. I'm gonna be watching for this multi-leveled band.
The instrumental closer, "The Time It Takes," is like walking through a
dark forest. [vinyl 7"; Atomic Action, 2030 W. Main Rd., Middletown, RI

Roy Malone
I Will [***1/2]
Judging from the title cut of this pre-release from the forth-coming album
This is Roy Malone, this is an artist to anticipate. "I Will" is a strong,
demanding blues workout, with a full complement of stax horns and a searing
guitar punctuation. Exciting stuff. [cassette; Big-M-Management 4294 Child
Cv., Memphis, TN 38116]

Various Artists
Hellhole [****]
Very cool compilation of punk/thrash/grunge/garage type bands of various
stripes. Good variety but pretty consistent (i.e., they're all good). Lots
of energy. Highly recommended [CD; Justice Records, PO Box 980369, Houston,
TX 77098-0369]

Flowerland [***1/2]
The name is misleading. Flowerland is not your latest psych wannabe band;
in fact, there's very little retro to them at all. Instead, Flowerland
delivers a thick, metal-based attack, with some melody and good songs. All
the elements are there to make this a band to watch out for. [cassette;
Justice Records, PO Box 980369, Houston, TX 77098-0369]

Broken Nova [**]
Broken Nova is a band made of members of Alice and Lost Creed (local New
Hampshire area bands, I assume), with each member having been in at least
half-a-dozen bands previous. The guys have been around the circuit. And
what they're trying to accomplish with Broken Nova  is combine some pretty
divergent musical genres (jazz fusion, blues, funk, psych, thrash) and come
up with their own unique sound. This 2-song demo (plus a lengthy freeform
jam on side 2) shows the band to be surely proceeding in that direction.
Whether it works or not is still up to question, however. Plusses: this is
not some half-baked approach to fusing these influences into a sound of
their own; the sound they're getting is unique and worthy of more work.
Minuses: vocalist Dave Eckel relies to heavily on his Bruce Dickinson
imitation (do away with all the vocal arpeggios, man); the band's execution
is weak and needs work to smooth it out -- their intuition for one another
is not "there" yet; guitarists Jon Baumgartner and Josh Carr need to add
more power to the equation and let Dave ease up on the constant
historonics. Overall: there is some real promise here and I'll be
interested to see if it progresses. [cassette; Broken Nova, 1 Church St.
#1, Newmarket, NH 03857]


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