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Guess Who won Guess Who?

    You guessed it.  I correctly guessed that the picture published two 
weeks ago in the gazette was of none other than Chris Murphy.  My prize 
package includes a PeppermintEP CD, Twice Removed vinyl and an orange T-
shirt with blue&silver racing stripe logo, all courtesy of Murderecords.
    I also finally paid my CKDU FundDrive pledge yesterday (James will be 
happy to hear that), and picked up, along with my beautiful orange Friends 
of CKDU card, a few promo cds including Pond (hope Joyce doesn't see this 
:), Redd Kross and an autographed copy of Underwhelmed.    
    Adam has "appropriated" all of said items, since my CD player and 
turntable remain at home and the shirt appeared to be slightly less than 
my size :)
    I at least got to keep my beautiful Student Alumni Association mug, 
pen, notepad, and a letter of congratulations.
    And I really honestly did put in names for everyone who asked!